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to the 4th Judicial District Court

Online Self-Help Center

This website only provides legal information to self-represented litigants. This site does NOT provide legal advice about your specific case.  It is always recommended that you seek professional representation if possible. To find an attorney and additional resources in your area, please click here.


If you need to represent yourself, this website can assist you by outlining relevant laws, procedures, and resources. For certain issues, forms are available that you can fill out on your computer and then file with the Clerk of Court. This service in no way constitutes legal representation and is brought to you as a courtesy through the combined efforts of the 4th Judicial District Court and the Louisiana State Bar Association.


There are many resources available for self-represented litigants online. It may be useful for you to consult with these resources to get more information about what it means to represent yourself in court. 


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